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Get Paired Up for the Holidays

posted 2014.11.30 at 3:36 pm


Whether you want to take cues from the greats or forge your own path, we've put together a list of some classic and not-so-classic match ups to ensure you're not alone under the mistletoe this Holiday.


  • This one's pretty recognizable, an AC30 with the Burns Red Special and you can, you can rock us.

 photo 284a3eb7-2eb7-4ff9-85b3-b08469531a87_zps95f17547.jpg


  • A tried and true matchup for the twang or keeping it swampy, but done in a little more modern way. '59 Bassman Clone w/ Spring Reverb and USA G&L ASAT.

 photo IMG_0212_zps1f3ea80f.jpg


  • Here's one for the bassists: A Blackline SVT on a half-fridge with the buttery short-scale Musicmaster. It's like you always wanted a Fridge and P-Bass but enjoy having a lower back.

 photo IMG_0213_zps0bc85f27.jpg



  • Keeping it jazzy is this 1951 National and '57 Gretsch Corvette, but don't think it's all Merlot and finger-snaps. You'll get a surprising amount of Cartwright-esque crunch from these guys all while looking oh so good.

 photo IMG_0215_zpsfc61c4e7.jpg


  • Venturing back to the classics, how about a Drip-edge Reissue Twin with a "Western" Partscaster. Clean, loud, and punchy.

 photo IMG_0216_zps796dac34.jpg


  • Don't think we forgot you '80s shredders/lefties! Here's a wild ADA Quad Tube 2x12" and Lefty Ibanez S Series. All the gain/modulation/modeling you'd need, until Line 6 came along.

 photo IMG_0217_zps2255f2ae.jpg


  • Okay these are just meant for each other - don't even try to fight it! 12-String Semi-hollow Bass and Kustom PA200. All the octaves!

 photo IMG_0214_zpsae2e1348.jpg


  • Do you like to play chords? Do you like to play extended chords? Do you like to hear them? Here you go: a 1968 Super Reverb and an 80s L5-S, practically made for each other, a decade apart.

 photo IMG_0287_zps91459f71.jpg


  • For those slightly off the beaten path, get into this '50s Bell Sound Tube PA Head. With a pair of 6V6s and this Stingray II you can go from shimmery cleans to great indie-rocking crunch.

 photo IMG_0289_zps64d5e59f.jpg



If you're interested in beefing up your signal chain or you're in search of that special tone, these pedal combos will definitely get you somewhere.


  • Somewhat of an homage to Mr. Page with the Germanium Treble Boost a la Rangemaster (Pork 'n' Beans) and Uni-vibe, add a locally built Analog Delay (Moon Child) to the mix and you've got a great riffing/lead tone.

 photo IMG_0290_zpsf8d5857f.jpg


  • Inspired by Gilmour, the Fish Press (LA-2A-ish) plus Special Twosome (Modern Fuzz or Classic Muff-styles) and the El Capistan will have you slow-bending and space-vibing in no time.

 photo IMG_0291_zps6656c2bf.jpg


  • This one's great for bass players and guitar players alike, whether you're getting psych'ed out or aiming for a J. White/D. Auerbach thing. Russian Big Muff + Octave Up? Yes, please.

 photo IMG_0292_zpsb530868f.jpg


  • When you want results, stick with what's worked for 30+ years. The first overdrive offering, pre-Tubescreamer, with some mellow phase and added sustain from the Forest Green, you won't be disappointed.

 photo IMG_0293_zpsdfd26cd1.jpg


  • Do you hate cleans? Are you never satisfied with how mangled your tone is? If you can't wreck something with this combo you should probably just quit.

 photo IMG_0294_zps4b12bfde.jpg



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