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2015 Holiday Pairs

Nobody wants to be alone for the Holidays, so make sure all your gear has a partner!

Something for the Bassist in your life:

1970s SVT w/ 8×10″ Cab + 1984 Japanese Squier P-Bass.
svt%20%20pbass zpsoro9paeg 2015 Holiday Pairs


1970s Fender Bassman 100 Head + 1974 Gibson EB0.
sg%20%20bassman%20100 zps5f749l4x 2015 Holiday Pairs


70s Fender Bassman Ten 4×10″ + Squier ’51 Precision.
bassman%2010%20%20pbass zps5zrqhh79 2015 Holiday Pairs


1960s Epiphone Constellation V + 60s/70s Ovation Typhoon III Fretless Hollowbody. (a shop favorite)
ovation%20%20constellation zpslmtnyd7t 2015 Holiday Pairs
For the Guitarists, young and old, from nu metal to old tyme, we’ve got something for you. (Okay maybe not that last bit)


Fender Pro Junior + Fender MIM Super Strat

pro%20jr%20%20super%20strat zps9qs2r5es 2015 Holiday Pairs

Alamo 2570 Electra Twin Ten + Fender Nashville Telecaster

alamo%20%20nashville%20tele zpsnemsn5ej 2015 Holiday Pairs

1960s Fender Bandmaster w/ 2×12” + Widman T-Master

bandmaster%20%20t master zpshl3c6vis 2015 Holiday Pairs

1960s Gretsch (Valco) Twin Reverb + 1964 Epiphone Crestwood

gretsch%20%20crestwood zpsv9tbasgk 2015 Holiday Pairs

Musicman HD210 + 70s Hohner Les Paul Copy

hd210%20%20LP zpsigp64dvj 2015 Holiday Pairs

Roland Jazz Chorus 120 + 2004 Fender Stratocaster XII

jc12 %20%2012%20string zpsotymvqry 2015 Holiday Pairs

90s Mesa Dual Rectifier Trem-o-Verb + Japanese Fender Contemporary Strat

mesa%20%20strat zpsk8q0d5vq 2015 Holiday Pairs

SOVTEK MIG-50 + 2005 Gibson Faded SG.

sg%20%20sovtek zps1n9kjkdm 2015 Holiday Pairs

90s Ampeg Reverberocket + 70s Ampeg Dan Armstrong Lucite

ampeg%20%20ampeg zpshg7kmg7b 2015 Holiday Pairs

Roland Jazz Chorus 60 + 90s Guild D-25 w/ Fishman Electronics

jc60%20%20guild zpskjqtx7wn 2015 Holiday Pairs


For the Pedal Junkie:

“The 90s”

grunge%20rig zps2zov7hvj 2015 Holiday Pairs

gilmour%20rig zpsyhdpsxte 2015 Holiday Pairs

“Red Eyes”

red%20eye%20rig zpsgtnrjw3b 2015 Holiday Pairs


ambient%20rig zpsz41dikx5 2015 Holiday Pairs

“For Bass”

bass%20rig zpsnsebjjz4 2015 Holiday Pairs

“Blues Advocate” blues%20lawyer%20rig zpsgij0nxnl 2015 Holiday Pairs


worship%20rig zps0ltucvzz 2015 Holiday Pairs

Lots of Gibson Mandolins

A nice collection of (mostly) oval-hole Gibson Mandolins has made its way into the shop for your enjoyment… All but one is pre-1930.


Mid ’30s Gibson A-00/A1

– Missing pickguard; curved back w/ bracing; F-holes and sunburst;  chipboard case

IMG 2920 zpsutsnac8i Lots of Gibson Mandolins

c.1920 Gibson A-2

– Missing pickguard; non-adjustable bridge; dark brown finish; Hard Case

IMG 2903 zpsucwtlxj6 Lots of Gibson Mandolins

c.1928 Gibson A-1

-Missing pickguard, adjustable bridge, black finish; chipboard case.


IMG 2885 zpsojhgpbtr Lots of Gibson Mandolins


c.1911 Gibson A-1 

– PAT No. pickguard and PAF (pre-1911) bracket; natural finish; Hard Case.

IMG 2959 zpssxlhmlxu Lots of Gibson Mandolins


c.1918 Gibson A-4

– Missing pickguard; treble-side fretboard extension; sunburst; Hard Case.

IMG 2932 zpskvdvhzxq Lots of Gibson Mandolins


c.1923 Gibson A2-Z Snakehead

– All the parts are there! Hard Case

IMG 2946 zpscgeihahh Lots of Gibson Mandolins


c.1918 Gibson A-3

– White finish w/ matching pickguard (!); Hard Case;

IMG 2977 zpsscpg86p0 Lots of Gibson Mandolins

“We’ve got amps, they’re multiplying…”

Someone fed them after midnight and now they’re taking over!


IMG 1538 zps9snrdbsb Weve got amps, theyre multiplying...


Click through to check them out:

1946 Gibson BR-3

1976 Fender Deluxe Reverb

1969 Fender Pro Reverb

1964 Gibson Skylark

1961 Fender Concert 4×10″

Get Paired Up for the Holidays



Whether you want to take cues from the greats or forge your own path, we’ve put together a list of some classic and not-so-classic match ups to ensure you’re not alone under the mistletoe this Holiday.


  • This one’s pretty recognizable, an AC30 with the Burns Red Special and you can, you can rock us.

284a3eb7 2eb7 4ff9 85b3 b08469531a87 zps95f17547 Get Paired Up for the Holidays


  • A tried and true matchup for the twang or keeping it swampy, but done in a little more modern way. ’59 Bassman Clone w/ Spring Reverb and USA G&L ASAT.

IMG 0212 zps1f3ea80f Get Paired Up for the Holidays


  • Here’s one for the bassists: A Blackline SVT on a half-fridge with the buttery short-scale Musicmaster. It’s like you always wanted a Fridge and P-Bass but enjoy having a lower back.

IMG 0213 zps0bc85f27 Get Paired Up for the Holidays



  • Keeping it jazzy is this 1951 National and ’57 Gretsch Corvette, but don’t think it’s all Merlot and finger-snaps. You’ll get a surprising amount of Cartwright-esque crunch from these guys all while looking oh so good.

IMG 0215 zpsfc61c4e7 Get Paired Up for the Holidays


  • Venturing back to the classics, how about a Drip-edge Reissue Twin with a “Western” Partscaster. Clean, loud, and punchy.

IMG 0216 zps796dac34 Get Paired Up for the Holidays


  • Don’t think we forgot you ’80s shredders/lefties! Here’s a wild ADA Quad Tube 2×12″ and Lefty Ibanez S Series. All the gain/modulation/modeling you’d need, until Line 6 came along.

IMG 0217 zps2255f2ae Get Paired Up for the Holidays


  • Okay these are just meant for each other – don’t even try to fight it! 12-String Semi-hollow Bass and Kustom PA200. All the octaves!

IMG 0214 zpsae2e1348 Get Paired Up for the Holidays


  • Do you like to play chords? Do you like to play extended chords? Do you like to hear them? Here you go: a 1968 Super Reverb and an 80s L5-S, practically made for each other, a decade apart.

IMG 0287 zps91459f71 Get Paired Up for the Holidays


  • For those slightly off the beaten path, get into this ’50s Bell Sound Tube PA Head. With a pair of 6V6s and this Stingray II you can go from shimmery cleans to great indie-rocking crunch.

IMG 0289 zps64d5e59f Get Paired Up for the Holidays



If you’re interested in beefing up your signal chain or you’re in search of that special tone, these pedal combos will definitely get you somewhere.


  • Somewhat of an homage to Mr. Page with the Germanium Treble Boost a la Rangemaster (Pork ‘n’ Beans) and Uni-vibe, add a locally built Analog Delay (Moon Child) to the mix and you’ve got a great riffing/lead tone.

IMG 0290 zpsf8d5857f Get Paired Up for the Holidays


  • Inspired by Gilmour, the Fish Press (LA-2A-ish) plus Special Twosome (Modern Fuzz or Classic Muff-styles) and the El Capistan will have you slow-bending and space-vibing in no time.

IMG 0291 zps6656c2bf Get Paired Up for the Holidays


  • This one’s great for bass players and guitar players alike, whether you’re getting psych’ed out or aiming for a J. White/D. Auerbach thing. Russian Big Muff + Octave Up? Yes, please.

IMG 0292 zpsb530868f Get Paired Up for the Holidays


  • When you want results, stick with what’s worked for 30+ years. The first overdrive offering, pre-Tubescreamer, with some mellow phase and added sustain from the Forest Green, you won’t be disappointed.

IMG 0293 zpsdfd26cd1 Get Paired Up for the Holidays


  • Do you hate cleans? Are you never satisfied with how mangled your tone is? If you can’t wreck something with this combo you should probably just quit.

IMG 0294 zps4b12bfde Get Paired Up for the Holidays



 See something you like? Give us a call (828.254.0402) or send an email over to We’ve got layaway options so get in touch!









You’re Not Seeing Double….

But if you’re seeing four, you should maybe get that checked out.

We’ve ended up with a sweet selection of pairs – some identical, others are cousins – so we thought we should share before they’re adopted and split up.


We’ll get started with the more rare pairs:


  • 1954 National Deluxe + Mid 50s National “Chicago 51″ nationals zps1d0c9ce6 Youre Not Seeing Double....
  • 1959 + 1960 Maestro GA-45Tmaestro zps6bba5089 Youre Not Seeing Double....

Probably the least known of all these:

  • 1960s Premier 71 premiers zpsc93440bd Youre Not Seeing Double....

Can’t forget the classics:

  • 1964 Fender Deluxe Amp + 1965 Fender Deluxe Reverbdeluxes zps4a1c2ccd Youre Not Seeing Double....
  • 1978 Vox AC-30 + 90s Vox AC-30/6 TBvoxs zps3bb47410 Youre Not Seeing Double....

A pair not often seen together:

  • 1970s MusicMan Sabre II + Stingray IIMM zps4c959791 Youre Not Seeing Double....

Okay so these are more like cousins, but, Pre-CBS:

  • 1960 Fender Musicmaster + 1964 Fender Duo Sonic IIfenders zps02229411 Youre Not Seeing Double....


If you have the heart to split these guys up, or want to take the pair home together, please call us at 828.254.0402 or email









Gear for Ears @ BIG EARS FESTIVAL – March 28-29, Knoxville, TN.

We’re going to be hanging out in Knoxville next weekend at GEAR for EARS during the BIG EARS FESTIVAL. It’s a FREE guitar show INSIDE the Pilot Light Club!! There’s gonna be all kinds of cool stuff and it’s just a FIVE MINUTE walk from downtown! If you’d like to arrange to display gear, call 865-789-8679. Visit for more club info.

*** Come check out some of the coolest musical gear in Knoxville during the Big Ears festival. FREE ADMISSION! Buy, sell, trade and demo guitars, amps, boutique effects pedals, synths, and more. Also, check in with one of the premier electronic techs (Moog authorized) in the Southeast. Presented by Knoxville’s The Pilot Light, Music Room Guitars, and Hot Horse. Also featuring area collectors, dealers, and musicians, and the public is welcome to bring their musical gear for sale or trade. For more info or to arrange to display gear, call 865-789-8679.
*** BIG EARS FESTIVAL musicians and attendees are welcome to take a 5 minute walk from downtown venues and hotels, to Knoxville’s Old City shops, clubs and restaurants for GEAR for EARS.
The event will be held at the Pilot Light Club, 106 E. Jackson, Knoxville, TN 37915 on Friday and Saturday, March 28-29 from 11-4:30 each day. Performances and film showing afterwards each evening. Visit for more club info.

Caroline Guitar Company Is Ready to Set Something on Fire

We new have brand new, boxed, Caroline Guitar Company pedals in shop, and, my, do they look fine in our glass case. Mmmmmhmmmm.

See how high you can fly before melting your face with their Icarus boost– we have the last few in this gorgeous gold finish. More words and demo here.

If you crave more fuzz than your momma will allow in the house, you’ve got to get on this Olympia. Clean, simple, fuzzzzzzzzzy. More words and demo here.

And if you’re feeling a little unhinged today and you just wanna get totally wild, the Wave Cannon is for you. Its an overdrive/distortion with four controls and one loose cannon: the Havoc Switch. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. More words and demo here.

Come demo them in store anytime!

Jerry Lee Lewis Loves You, Yes He Do

And he wants you to experience the incredible tone of his old 1962 Fender Pro Amp.

 Jerry Lee Lewis Loves You, Yes He Do

Jerry Lee just doin' his thing

That’s right, we have it, and we have the paperwork to prove it.

fen62prodocu2 225x300 Jerry Lee Lewis Loves You, Yes He Do

But as cool as that is, collector-wise, let’s get down to brass tacks: how does it sound?

Ridiculous. This amp has deep, reverberating, warmth, a very interesting tremolo that shifts the tone, and a loud, loud, voice to fill the room. It can get crunchy when you want it and the tone is super moldable.

fen62pro1 300x225 Jerry Lee Lewis Loves You, Yes He Do

Hi, I'm cool

Check it out in the shop before it flies away, or get more specs here. We leave you with this great picture of “The Killer” doing what he does best (killin’ it).

jerry lee 300x248 Jerry Lee Lewis Loves You, Yes He Do

get 'em

Fixer Uppers

We have three new items that are beautiful and valuable, but perhaps too well-loved. Or not enough. Or something. At any rate, if you’ve been wanting to try out some newly honed luthier skills on something besides your bedpost, or just love good deals, these may be for you.


Our new 2001 Martin 00-15 is a gorgeous mahogany beast, save for the gnarly gash on its right side. $200

Martin010015 300x196 Fixer Uppers
Martin010015Crack1 300x225 Fixer Uppers

And the Lotus 12 String is a perfect guinea pig for someone who wants to try out a neck reset. The action is way too high and the bridge can’t take much more, but everything else is looking pretty good. Give it a shot! $90

Lotus12 226x300 Fixer Uppers


HawiianUke 300x159 Fixer Uppers
please help me!

This Hawaiian ukulele will sing sweetly as soon as it gets some cracks repaired. $80

HawiianUkuCrack 300x225 Fixer Uppers
the offending mark



All these items (and many more) are now for sale in our shop and online.