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Sherwood’s can repair most any vintage and/or tube-type gear. We also offer factory authorized repair of gear from Mesa/Boogie, Fender, Orange, and Moog.

We have three tiers of pricing, depending on the item being serviced:

Amplifier, speaker, and mechanical keyboard (Rhodes, Wurlitizer, etc) repair is $75/hr, keyboard/analog synth/outboard gear repair is $90/hr, and pedal/instrument repair is $40/hr. We do not service acoustic instruments (when relating to fret work, crack repairs, etc.), Behringer, Line 6, Egnater, Black Star, Carvin solid state amps, most stand-alone power amps, consumer stereo equipment, and most small mixing consoles. We will fix almost anything that uses vacuum tubes and/or was built before 1980.

The techs:

Brian Landrum began working with Matthew Sherwood at Echo in 2009 after a decade of part-time tube amp repair and general electronic enthusiasm. He used to half-own and maintain The Grey Eagle and is active in numerous local bands, including the Parting Gifts and Report Cards.

Give us a call or swing by with any questions!