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Selling vintage amps, instruments, pedals, repair and pro audio to Asheville. And the internet. Check out 'merchandise' for the current stock and call 828.254.0402 to order or for answers to questions. tweeting nonsense linking back to this site @sherwoodsmusic
Open Tuesday - Saturday
12 pm - 7 pm
Or by appointment. Call!
Closed Sunday and Monday

180 Patton Avenue
Asheville, NC 28801


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Sherwood’s can repair most any vintage and/or tube-type gear. We also offer factory authorized repair of gear from Mesa/Boogie, Fender, Orange, and Moog.

We have three tiers of pricing, depending on the item being serviced:

Amplifier repair is $75/hr, keyboard/analog synth/outboard gear repair is $90/hr, and pedal/instrument repair is $40/hr. We do not service acoustic instruments, Behringer, Mackie, Egnater, Black Star, Roland solid state amps, Carvin solid state amps, most stand-alone power amps, consumer stereo equipment, and most small mixing consoles. We will fix almost anything that uses vacuum tubes and/or was built before 1980.

the techs:

Matthew Sherwood has been working on pro-audio since 1998 and in Asheville since 2007. He got his BSEE in ‘96 and spent a few years in northern VA designing mixed-signal systems that transmitted/processed audio and video. A few years at recording studios in Richmond, and then on to Asheville, where he maintains Echo Mountain in working order. He’s generally a pleasant person.

Brian Landrum began working with Matthew at Echo in 2009 after a decade of part-time tube amp repair and general electronic enthusiasm. He used to half-own and maintain The Grey Eagle and is active in numerous local bands, including Floating Action and Report Cards.

Give us a call or swing by with any questions!