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“We’ve got amps, they’re multiplying…”

Someone fed them after midnight and now they’re taking over!


IMG 1538 zps9snrdbsb Weve got amps, theyre multiplying...


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1946 Gibson BR-3

1976 Fender Deluxe Reverb

1969 Fender Pro Reverb

1964 Gibson Skylark

1961 Fender Concert 4×10″

We Didn’t Start the Firebird

We just carry them.

gibson firebird III brian jones 300x251 We Didnt Start the Firebird

Brian Jones. haircut not included

Look, here’s a real live one now! What a beauty.

So what’s the deal with these backwards axes?

As Gibson’s popularity began losing out to Fender in the late 50’s and early 60’s, they decided to take an innovative approach (perhaps more tasteful than their prior attempts with the flying v). So they hired a car designer, Mr. Ray Dietrich, to create a new style of guitar body. It looked weird enough that people referred to the style as “reverse”, with its longer right horn and crazy banjo-style tuners. Just to confuse you, Gibson then re-issued the Firebird Non-Reverse from 1965-69, with a double cutaway body. Then they realized this was a dumb idea and went back to the original plan of ass-backwardsness.

Notably, it was also the first solid Gibson with neck-through construction. This design feature contributes to a glorious sustain, unfettered by pesky neck joints.

What does this all mean for you? Just sweet, sweet jams.

Gibson firebird I reverse psychedelic rocknroll eric clapton 1968 300x282 We Didnt Start the Firebird

Eric Clapton doin' it in reverse

The Workhorse

Gibson’s J-45 was first introduced in 1942. Since then, it has reigned as one of the most popular and well-made acoustic guitars. They are known for warm, full tone and excellent projection.

68GibsonJ45Black 300x131 The Workhorse

Snuggle up with this black beauty

A few years back, the Gibson team decided tackle a crazy project: build a new vintage guitar. They wanted the sound of a mint 1942 J-45, but with brand new materials– no detail was too small, down to using hide glue: a thinner, organic alternative to today’s adhesives, so nothing would impede the guitar’s vibration. Same top-bracing, all done by hand, gently rounded upper bout and deeper lower bout for gorgeous projection and well-rounded tone.

So here he is, the 2010 reissue, live at Sherwood’s. And we just kicked $600 off the price, because we love you.

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