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The Workhorse

Gibson’s J-45 was first introduced in 1942. Since then, it has reigned as one of the most popular and well-made acoustic guitars. They are known for warm, full tone and excellent projection.

68GibsonJ45Black 300x131 The Workhorse

Snuggle up with this black beauty

A few years back, the Gibson team decided tackle a crazy project: build a new vintage guitar. They wanted the sound of a mint 1942 J-45, but with brand new materials– no detail was too small, down to using hide glue: a thinner, organic alternative to today’s adhesives, so nothing would impede the guitar’s vibration. Same top-bracing, all done by hand, gently rounded upper bout and deeper lower bout for gorgeous projection and well-rounded tone.

So here he is, the 2010 reissue, live at Sherwood’s. And we just kicked $600 off the price, because we love you.

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